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The Social Hub

The Student Hotel, a favourite place to stay and connect for students, travellers, entrepreneurs and locals, has rebranded to The Social Hub in collaboration with Studio Dumbar/DEPT®. Studio Jorien Wiltenburg helped The Social Hub in-house design team to change the old branded items into the new corporate identity.


The Social Hub: “Our brand is built on the solid foundation of our purpose: together, we create a better society. Our logo encapsulates the deepest meaning of this purpose. The icon is inspired by the simple idea of a wheel and the spikes that hold it together, symbolising people from all walks of life coming together as one community pushing society forward. The repetitive zig zag is then added to represent our dynamic spaces, where the community connects and grows by exploring new perspectives.”


The Social Hub | Managing Director | Jason Steere 

The Social Hub | Creative Director | Rahel Ritchie

Brand identity | STUDIO DUMBAR/DEPT®

Illustrations | Phil Arthur

Photography art direction & production | HALAL

Project management | Creative studio The Social Hub, John van Dorst, Rick Janssen



The Social Hub 
in collaboration with
The Thirsty Fisherman
& The Social Hub in-house design team.


447387-02 The Social Hub_BRAND_ELEMENTS_OVERVIEW-edb61a-original-1665572889.png
447386-05 The Social Hub_COLLECTION-1aa672-original-1665572888.png
447384-06 The Social Hub-LEARN_STAY_WORK_PLAY-ea58db-original-1665572885.gif
447373-The Social Hub Madrid Animation-956ef2-original-1665572662.gif
447385-04 The Social Hub_SIGNAGE-50610b-original-1665572887.png
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