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Micro Urban Mining

The Process

Urban Mining is an admirable process. However, the big money that is being paid for the recycling of metals is the main drive for this industry. The awareness about e-waste - the rare metals it contains and its impact - is lacking with individual consumers. Therefore, it is expected that the purchasing behavior of individuals will not adjust, and this waste stream continues to increase in size. 

I have been researching how I can reach the consciousness of the individual. By formulating the following research question: How can the individual win metal from e-waste, to forge them into unique pieces of symbolic value?

Micro Urban Mining is a form of small-scale metal extraction by individuals. A future-design-scenario, which odes to forgotten (natural) metals. Micro Urban Mining is a system based on existing processes that can be transformed into a new vision on how to deal with E-waste.

It is an intensive and time-consuming process for the individual, but with the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Learning the skills needed for this process will restore the connection between creating and using an object. The Micro Urban Miner gives these metals a new value.


Future scenario's

Design Thinking





Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Graduation Project

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