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Oikoa Massage
Boutique Identity

Whilst working for Concrete Amsterdam I created the Identity design in addition

to the interior whilst working in close cooperation with other members of the concrete identity design team. We created the name, logo, website and all print materials.

The name Oikoa, the Finnish word for ‘smooth correction’, is based on the feeling of
calm one gets after a treatment, when the body is untangled and almost feels ‘liquid’.
This feeling is reflected in the logo: a liquid oil drop combined with a minimalistic but elegant font. Bright white backdrops and pine green emphasise the natural and harmonious environment of the massage salon, which is further enhanced by a
secondary colour family of oil drops. Both the oils and colours are derived from
Finnish natural elements such as ferns, aspen trees, cloudberries and bellflowers. 

Photography by Wouter van der Sar



© Concrete Amterdam

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