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4. Display design Jorien Wiltenburg.jpg


Shop Design

An autonomous display inspired by several aspects. The first aspect is the philosophy of Yves Saint Laurent. According to him, the fashion that he made was art and decorated his boutiques the way art galleries were decorated. From this aspect, the basic form of a museum sign emerged. The second aspect is a kaleidoscope. The surface distribution, the see-through, the lines and the reflection of the kaleidoscope are design elements which are also reflected in the display. The design is subtle and poetic. The choice of the material, glass and mirrors, makes the design fragile. The format allows the display to be playful and movable. When the display is rotated, it changes the pattern and the colors.

The shop design is created as a modular system to implement adjustability by the requirements of diverse collections.




Product design

3D Vectorworks drawing




Fictive project for Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

2. Display design Jorien Wiltenburg.jpg
3. Display design Jorien Wiltenburg.jpg

Yup, more projects

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