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Material Design

What is our perception of nature in this Anthropocene era? The Anthropocene is an informal geologic term for the epoch that began when human activities had a global impact on the Earth. In order to design everything around us we are depleting earth resources and polluting our planet. Thereby we are all participating in changing nature and the planetary landscape. Nature is no longer the historical nature from 1000 years ago. It changes and transforms with us in our industrial evolution (Koen van Mensvoort). Along with this evolution, also our notion of nature has to change. When we embrace this new Antropocene nature we can create something positive out of it.

In this project I am mining for speculations of what the future minerals and Antropocene earth layer would look like. Looking at these geological specimens in a way that they can become our future materials, functioning as a new resource. 


Material research


Material design





Passion project for Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

4 Cut trough - New Geology.jpg
3 Cut trough - New Geology.jpg
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