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Multidisciplinary design studio working on projects in the fields of creative identities, spatial design and objects. Starting point of all projects is thorough research which forms a strong foundation on which the concept and storytelling is built.

We create visually unexpected and timeless outcomes with a focus on materials, craftsmanship and re-use. Working for brands, private clients and on self-initiated autonomous projects. 




Branding design for hospitality companies, restaurants and design/lifestyle brands.

Often the identity transforms in bold atmospheric graphics, installations or playful and fun signage to enhance a space or interior. 

Spatial design

Creating branded or non-branded interiors; installations, retail
spaces and hospitality.

The love for art, different materials and textures are reflected in the designs and lead to eclectic but timeless combinations.

Second-hand objects, recycled or sustainable materials play an important role in the designs.


Thorough research following with a good concept always forms the base when starting creating objects. From there we start with lots of material experiments which often lead to visually unexpected outcomes. With our objects we want to surprise people and show what beauty can be created from everyday (waste) material. Working on self-initiated autonomous projects as well as for brands. 


After graduating in 2015 from the art academy in Rotterdam in Lifestyle & design, Jorien worked at various design firms focusing on interior design and branding. 

In 2020 she started working as an independent designer for retail, interior and hospitality clients. 

The activities of Studio Jorien Wiltenburg range from creative identities to interiors and objects.

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